Large rugs to small rugs, high-pile to low, there’s one for every room. Patterned low-pile wool rugs, hallway runners to elongate your space. Walk this way for some soft and warm solution under your feet.

Rugs: How To Choose a Rug for Your Home

To help you choose the right rug for your room, we have put together a simple guide. Learn the terminology and the pro and cons of a certain type of rug.


Tufted or Loomed? Learn terminology

When shopping for your rug you may come across certain terms such as ‘hand tufted’ or ‘kilim’. These simply refer to the method that has been used to make the particular rug. To make it easier, we have included a thorough definition of the most common terms you may come across.

Pile: This refers to the length of the fibre protruding from the base of the rug. As a general rule, the deeper the pile, the more warm and luxurious your rug will feel.

Hand-tufted: This is a manual way of producing a rug and is carried out with the aid of a pistol-like device. When activated, it fires and then cuts a portion of the wool, inserting it into a cotton cloth base, on which the pattern has been previously marked. The wool is fixed to the base by means of latex. It allows elaborate designs but not precise, curved ones.  Feeling: the tufted rugs have a smooth cut-pile surface, similar to velvet Best for: Family rooms, bedrooms, or living rooms.

Hand-knotted: The hand-knotted system is a completely manual one in which the wool is strongly attached to the base by means of a knot. The value and durability of the rug increase with the number of knots.

Hand-loomed: The hand-loomed system uses a manually activated loom. It consists of a device that allows the insertion and extraction of rods that fix the height of the pile. This method only permits simple designs.

Kilim or Kelim: This technique, originally from West Asia, uses a manual loom to manufacture fabrics that mix bright, thin sections of colour to create distinctive geometric motifs. The result is a hair-free, hand-knotted fabric.

Feeling: the Kelim rugs are THIN and flat. They do not have a pile

Best for: High-traffic rooms and spill-prone areas like the kitchen, playroom, or entryway