IO House light

£120.00 £60.00



IO House light

£120.00 £60.00
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IO House light combines the mystery of the not – quite seen with the reassurance of a warm glow. By simultaneously allowing the child to see what is in their room, whilst wondering about what lies in the rooms inside the house, its design is a riddle, yet one that is rendered with clear simplicity.

IO House light is made from interlocking pieces – no glue, no screws, no fixings – with smooth, tactile edges, so that a child can, with supervision, assemble it themselves.

It can be either wall mounted or stand on a bedside unit or table.

When illuminated, its inner recesses can be half-seen, sparking curiosity and questions.

Available in plywood, it is a beautiful and gentle addition to a child’s bedroom, promoting peaceful bedtimes and dreamy flights of fancy.


Material:  1. Scandinavian Birch Plywood

Shipped flat packed in one parcel – Light bulb not included.

British Design! Creativity and functionality lie at the heart of the IO Kids Design brand. Our designs combine simple and strict functionalism with playful and elegant aesthetic. After all we believe that little people like beautiful too!

We like to think our pieces are strong-willed and make a statement to inspire, surprise and delight each child and give them their own space in which they in turn may create and dream.

We are an international team of designers, architects, furniture lovers and cabinet makers. We may be small, but we have big dreams. We aspire to be among the leaders in the transformation of contemporary children’s furniture by creating inspiring and bold design. We want children not to just see an object for its obvious function but rather to imagine the possibilities.

At IO Kids Design we carry a deep desire to encourage each child’s unique vision and perspective that will spark their own imagination and curiosity. Io Kids Design offers distinctive, innovative and sustainable design our aim is to make furniture that will be treasured for generations to come.

So what does “IO” stand for anyhow?

IO is part of the solar system and one of Jupiter’s many moons. It is also our daughter’s favourite planet. Because gravitational forces constantly pull it, IO is always unpredictable, surprising and ever changing. It has the most dramatic landscapes, the highest mountain peaks, the deepest rivers and most explosive volcanic eruptions.