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MustardMade Skinny Locker Olive


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locker skinny olive

MustardMade Skinny Locker Olive


The Skinny Locker is a modern, versatile storage solutions. Skinny will keep all your stuff neat and tidy. Standing alone or paired The Skinny is elegant, beautiful and practical. Great for the kids and teenage bedroom, it will be a great addition as well to a kitchen, hallway or home office.


Place your kids shoes at the bottom where they can reach easily, bags and books on the shelves, their hat hanging on the hook and jackets hanging on the rail. No more manic Monday mornings!

In your office you can tidy away all those files, add baskets for your stationary, paper supplies and even safely charge your laptop over night by putting the cable through the hole and locking the door.

Save the hassle of getting ready for the gym (and the excuses) by having The Skinny keep all your things handy. Store your running shoes, towel, yoga mat and a bottle. Add a motivational postcard and a mirror on the inside door and you’ll never miss your class again!

Inside: Removable hanging rail, four adjustable shelves, two handy hooks, cable hole, safety wall screw holes.

Outside: Handle, lock, custom keyring, mustard logo, air vents.

Measurements: Height 183cm x Width 35cm x Depth 46cm

Watch Assembly Video here


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