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Rattan and Abaca Woven Furniture

Woven Furniture: Wicker Furniture made of Abaca and Rattan – What`s the story

Wicker is a weaving process, not an actual material. In this weaving process, furniture is made from materials such as cane, rattan, bamboo, reed, willow and other natural elements, Wicker furniture has been documented as far back as ancient Egypt, and wicker baskets have been discovered in the city of Pompeii.

What is Rattan:
Rattan is a vine, similar to bamboo that grows in the Far East in tropical forests. Rattan stems are solid, rather than hollow, as in bamboo Rattan is one of the strongest materials in nature. Ratan vines have been known to grow up to hundreds of feet long. By retaining it’s shape, it is very difficult to break or splinter, it is an excellent material to use for making furniture. The skin of the rattan vine, called peel, is sometimes used for wrapping the joints of the furniture piece.

What is Abaca:
Similar to the banana plant, Abaca is a vine-like plant that caused as an accent feature in the making of wicker-rattan furniture or can be woven into actual furniture. It creates a unique look when woven in and is very strong and durable, Abaca becomes very pliable when soaked in water, making it easier in the production process of the actual hand weaving.

Rattan and Abaca are 100% natural organic materials. With characteristics that are unique to each plant, slight variations will appear in the poles and strands when they are stained, these variations in the stained highlights and shadows are what makes each furniture piece unique and a true gift from nature.

Abaca furniture pieces at MOHO Store include:

What`s the impact on Environment of Abaca and Rattan Furniture:
Rattan and Abaca products are really never harvested out of the ground completely, their roots remain in the soil and continue to regenerate new growth as a very fast rate, Therefore rattan and Abaca are by nature self-renewing resources and completely compatible in today’s resource conscience world.