The Wanderlust Planner


the wanderlust planner

The Wanderlust Planner


The wanderlust planner is not a typical travel planner, but one for those who recognise that travel is a catalyst for personal growth – for those who truly want to see the world, expand their horizon, and collect as many memorable experiences as they can in life. If there is one experience that can change you like nothing else, it’s travel.

The main features of The Wanderlust Planner – Beach are:

  • From The Happiness Planner Brandmentalist
  • 184 pages for 4 trips in total
  • (A) Travel Bucket List
  • (B) Travel Roadmap
  • (C) Trip Details:
  • Travel Planner (item checklist, accommodations, transport, activities, budgeting)
  • Travel Diary
  • Reflection
  • Rose gold or silver stamping on the cover
  • Packaged in a beautiful box
  • Cute travel stickers
  • Size: A5

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