The Baskets




The Baskets


The Baskets are very practical metal baskets that fits perfectly in our Metal Lockers by MustardMade. A set of wire baskets containers for all your bits and bobs. The set is composed by 1 Large and 2 same size small baskets. The big one fits one per shelf and the two small can fit on one shelf. They also fit under the locker or on top for when you really need to maximise the storage!

These wire baskets comes in gorgeous colours and could be used around the house. In a bathroom, in your home office and the kids`room.

The baskets features metal handles.

Set of three. 1 x Big Height 16cm x Width 26cm x Length 40cm | 2 x Little Height 16cm x Width 17cm x Length 24.4cm

MustardMade is a young duo sisters, one based in London and the other one in Australia. They always wanted to do something together and one day they decided to create a new line of metal lockers. Becca had always had a thing for lockers. She has lots of them in her family home, in the kitchen, in the bedroom. The name of the brand mustard fits perfectly the young sisters. It might not be for everyone, but those who love it, get it. It’s a hot colour, hot condiment + now a hot new brand.


Blush, Navy, Olive, White, Slate, Mustard

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