Smart Booklight Mini Walnut


Smart Book Light

Smart Booklight Mini Walnut


Smart Booklight Mini is a LED light masqueraded as a simple hardcover book when closed. Open it up and it transforms into a sculptural light you can position at 180 or 360 degrees. Inside the laser-cut wood cover hides a series of light pages containing high-performing white LED’s, creating an unusual and stylish addition to your home. The multi-functional lamp is supplied with a micro-USB charger and has a battery life of up to eight hours.

Perfect gift for everybody. The small size means it will fit in any bag.

The Booklight opens at 360 degrees with cleverly concealed magnets and the lovely soft touch papers are tear-proof and water-resistant

  • LED life span about 50000 hrs
  • 400 lumen
  • power supply: in built rechargeable Lithium Polymer
  • battery life: 6-8 hours in constant use
  • charging time 4-5 hours
  • can be opened up to 360 degrees
  • magnetic covers so it can be attached to any metal object on the wall.
  • Walnut Wood Finish and water-resistant Tyvek paper

UK DESIGN! Gingko was founded in Oxford, England in 2011 by Paul Sun and his wife Natalie Sun with the objective of designing and creating high-end, yet stylish and practical products for home and design-led gifts. They bring a fresh approach to design incorporating modern technology into everyday objects. Sometimes life can be complicated and technology too intrusive. The product lines are simple yet engaging while delivering the latest technology. Design, Quality & Time are the design ethos when every Gingko object is born.

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