Bell Pendant Scraplight by Graypants




Bell Pendant Scraplight by Graypants

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The Bell is a hand made pendant light which is created from 100% scrap cardboard. The bell-shaped pendant has a very contemporary feel to it and when illuminated, gives off a luxurious glow through the various thickness of the layesrs of card.

This beautiful pendant light will create a wonderful addition any interior such as a bedroom, living room, kitchen or hung above a dining table. The scrap cardboard is styled into a subtle, organic form and will blend in with any background materials such as  metal, wood, leather etc.

Available in two sizes 10 inc or 16 inc

Each layer of laser-cut cardboard is lovingly added by hand. This process is apparent in the unique appearance of each and every pendant. The thickness of card varies at different points which creates a wonderful play with light and shadow to give it a luxurious texture and illumination.

Due to the handmade nature of these products, apperance may vary slightly.

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27 cm, 38 cm