B Table White



B Table White

B Table White

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B Table White is a 3+ desk for perfect for pre-schooler big enough to be used till the age of 8-9. Parents can sit comfortably at it too. Durable and stable as all Rafa Kids Furniture. 

There is plenty of space to draw, play, and create. Two wide, soft-closing drawers on the sides are perfect for all your child’s pencils and crayons. Gorgeous in combination with the B Bench (bundle offer).

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B Table White has many of the playful Rafa-kids tricks. Drawers are hidden behind the beautiful wooden front. Worktop has high-quality laminate in white and black. To change the colour simply rotate it!

The table comes neatly flat-packed with no screws! All smart connectors are built in, making the assembly a real fun.

Materials: 100% Finnish Birch plywood
Size: 110 long, 50cm wide, height: 60cm,
Length with drawers out: 145cm
Weight: 20kg
Finish: White lacquer with top laminated in white and black
For children age 3-9 years.

No screws, very easy assembly, robust and built for years!

Rafa Kids

Being quality obsessed, it was not easy to find a manufacturing partner for our furniture. We joined forces with a Polish company which has 30 years of experience in producing prime quality products like Vitra furniture. And that’s where the magic happens! Ultra-modern machinery is combined here with, so difficult to find these days, craftsmanship. A battery of latest CNC machines (Computer Numerically Controlled) produces our furniture. This technology helps us to reduce material waste to minimum – so important for the environment. And since the Finnish plywood we have chosen is so unique and hard to come by, we treat every bit of it with an extreme care. Sustainably sourced, premium quality European Birch plywood was for us a natural choice. It is strong, flexible and its light tones are absolutely stunning. We say no to chipboards and MDF! 


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