Bunk & Loft Beds

Siblings sharing the same room? Our bunk beds are a great solution for brothers and sisters. Each one of your children can have their own individual space.

Small bedrooms? When floor space is limited, the only way is up! Bunk beds and Loft Beds are ideal space-saving solutions for smaller rooms. Underneath Oeuf NYC Perch Loft Bed you can easily place Oeuf NYC Mini Library and turn the bottom space into a reading corner.

Low ceiling Bedroom? Our Perludi bunk beds (Amber in the Sky and Flora in the Sky) are just 1.35 meters high! So great for cottages.

Siblings with a big age gap? A few of our bunk beds have been designed specifically for siblings with an age gap. Designers like Rafa Kids strike the perfect balance with the F&R Bed bunk beds that feature a toddler bed beneath a stylish loft bed.

All our bunk beds are 1.90/2.00metres long, so they can fit an adult!

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