Bar Stools | Breakfast Bar Chairs & High Kitchen Stools are very popular nowadays especially when planning a modern open plan family kitchen. Before buying a bar stool there are a few things you need to consider though.

Barstools & Counter Stools

Let`s start in saying that counter stools are lower in height than bar stools. Counter stools are generally a good fit for kitchens tops while bar stools are more for high tables in bar and restaurants.

Counter Stools have a seating height of 58 – 72 cm and require a table top of 89-94cm from floor.

Bar stools have a seating height of 74-82 cm and require a table top of 104-109 cm from floor.

Height & Seating Height

The height of a bar stool is different from the seating height. The seating height is calculated from floor to the top of the seat. The total height of a bar stool could be higher of the seating height when there`s a back rest.

Back rest or No Back rest

Back rest are definitely more comfortable especially if you are supposed to seat on the bar stool for long while eating a lunch or dinner. On the market you will find bar chairs with either a low back rest and a height back rest.

Our bar stools are suitable for both residential and commercial projects. The innovative and sustainable materials are practical for the family life as well as high use environments, like restaurants and offices. Most of our barstools are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

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