Children`s Desks: Encourage Focus from Toddlers to Teens

Kids Desks are an excellent tool to encourage children to have fun while they learn. This age of technology requires children to investigate their creativity beyond digital tablets; and what better way to do this than drawing and playing on a desk?

Desks for children don’t only have physical advantages in terms of posture, but they are also beneficial in several other areas. Discover the benefits you can bring to your son or daughter!

Encourages focus

Child experts have consistently hammered on the fact that an ideal way to encourage children to focus in school is to create individual study corners for them. There is no doubt that when an individual has his or her own dedicated learning space, it encourages sharper concentration while performing learning activities.

Promote Independence

With Kids Desks, you can help them understand that sometimes it’s ok to have alone time. They have an opportunity to make decisions on their own and figure things out without the help of others. It gives them a sense of independence and ability to make personal choices within the safe boundaries set by the parent. This way, the child learns new skills without always relying on others to perform small tasks or solve little problems


It can be challenging to get children excited and enthusiastic about things they’re not interested in doing. Imagine trying to get your kids excited about going to bed early, eating vegetables and worst of all, doing homework. Sure, there are kids out there who enjoy schoolwork, but a vast majority can’t stand it for a second. However, a children’s desk can go a long way in eliminating this rebellious attitude in most kids when it comes to studying.

Without a doubt, having a colorful and inspirational workspace can work magic on anyone. Helping you achieve creativity and productivity like never before. It doesn’t matter if your child’s desk is at home or at school. With the right aesthetics, homework time can be something that every child will look forward to.


Toddler and Preschoolers Desk (2 – 5 years old)

This refers to furniture made specifically for toddlers or kids in preschool and used for academic or domestic purposes like reading, writing, painting, etc. Our toddler or pre-schooler desks are designed for children between the ages of 18 months to 5 years old.

For kids between the ages of 3-4 years old, the ideal height of the desk should be between 460 – 508mm, while the height of the chair should range between 260 – 300mm. For kids between 4-6 years old, the height of the desk should be between 530 – 546mm, while the height of the chair should range between 310 and 340mm.

A toddler preschool desk is a great addition to any nursery. It encourages your toddler and pre-schooler to focus on games like puzzles, arts and crafts, in preparation for school. Sometimes kids play could turn out messy, so the desk needs to be practical and easy to clean.

Best Pre-Schooler Desks

Little Architect Table Grey

Little Architect Table by Ferm LivingNeutral Scandi Style in Solid Wood. This minimal desk is a practical table desk for toddlers up to age 5 years old. Stylish enough to leave in the living room with its contemporary design. Practical for painting, eating, and playing. The Little Architect Table Grey is crafted from ash veneer and comes in subtle colours. Matching Little Architect Chair for the perfect desk and chair set.

geos table wedowood

Geos Toddler Desk by WedoWood: Stylish and in Sustainable Bamboo to Keep in your Living Room Without Shame. This state-of-the-art kids desk is made in Denmark, specially designed for children up to 5 years old. It is a minimal style but functional children table with a large drawer. The drawer can be pulled out from both sides. Once your kid grows out of it, you can use it as a side table. Matching Lilly Chair for the perfect desk and chair set.

play table oeuf nyc for moho store

Playroom Table by Oeuf NYCIdeal for Siblings Sharing and Craft Time. Its design is modern and stylish with safe rounded edges. Art projects, tea parties, and snack time are all more fun in kid-sized proportions. Stylishly, simple, yet wonderfully inventive, this play table set makes a lovely addition to a nursery or playroom. It features durable, eco-friendly finishes with an easy-to-clean laminated tabletop. Available matching chairs

Kids Desks (6 – 10 years old) into Adulthood

caspar desk perludi
caspar desk perludi

From our personal experience it`s really from the age of 8-9 years old that you can think of investing in a good quality desk that will stay with your child into adulthood. Desk-sharing as well between the home working parent and child will require a quality desk that can stand the test of time. Older kids desks need to have enough space to hold devices as well as books. Additional storage is always needed so think about the space underneath the desk and on the sides.


  • Brooklyn Desk by Oeuf NYC: Our best seller, Brooklyn Desk is a versatile desk that grows with your child. Crafted from Baltic birch plywood, using non-toxic finishes, and free from VOC health hazards. The Brooklyn Desk is suitable from 5 years old into adulthood. This is an ideal option if you’re looking for quality and longevity. It makes a great home office desk for working mums and dads too. Match the desk with Oeuf NYC Square Stool or Broom Chair in White
  • Caspar Desk by Perludi: This is a cleverly designed, Austrian made, lightweight desk.The manufacture facility uses renewable solar energy for reduced carbon footprint. This desk adjusts as your child grows and the top can be toggled to the perfect height and inclination. It can maintain its balance on the most uneven of floors. The tabletop includes a smart storage shelf that is handy for tidying up drawings, crayons or other treasured belongings. Easy to dismantle and move around.
  • Field Desk: made from solid oak in Denmark, the Field desk is the most elegant wooden desk on the market, with brass details and a slim and sleek design. A piece to leave in your living room without shame.

All the above desks are available at MOHO Store – We are happy to offer you a FREE CONSULTATION and advise. You are welcome to visit our Gerrards Cross store to see in flesh.

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