Emeco 1 Inch Chair at MoMa and the Triennale

Two current exhibitions one at MoMA and one at Milan’s La Triennale
are both featuring Emeco 1 Inch Reclaimed Chair by British Designer Jasper Morrison.
At MoMA in NYC, ”The Value of Good Design” takes a closer look at things we surround ourselves with, use and interact with on a daily basis.  ”As consumers, we could do with being responsible and thoughtful about the choices we make” says MoMA curator Juliet Kinchin. 

At Milan’s Triennale, Paola Antonelli, has curated this year’s ”XXII Triennale di Milano Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival” which shines a spotlight on design’s potential to restore our broken bonds with nature.  

“It’s about designers doing what they do best, which is to make the most of resources at our disposal. Yes, we’ve put ourselves in danger by obliterating many of those resources, but ‘Broken Nature’ will show how restorative design projects are helping to repair the damage,” says Paola Antonelli.

Emeco is a US manufacturer of sustainable chairs. Emeco uses innovative, recycled and recyclable materials, and together with the creative vision of world appraised designers like Jasper Morrison and Philippe Starck, they create chairs to last. Iconic pieces like the Emeco 1006 in recycled aluminium, and more practical, day-to-day chairs like the Broom series and 1 inch series.

”The questions raised in these exhibitions are the essence of everything we do at Emeco. All manufacturers need to think long term, how they can make things better and give products a longer life. We can design and make a better tomorrow.” Gregg Buchbinder, Chairman, Emeco.

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