How To: Decorate with Brown

Earthy Kids Bedroom
The trend colours for 2019 are all about nature – rust, terracotta, brown and teal/blue (ocean). If you are looking to embrace these earthy colors in your kids bedroom, I have put together for you a few suggestions and ideas.
image via @ilsevanbecelaere – featured products Luggy White / See Ya Suitcase

Keye is a four years old boy from Belgium (follow her mum on Instagram @ilsevanbecelaere). His bedroom is of great inspiration. The brown colour has been used here with accents of gold (star stickers), mustard (See-Ya Suitcase and Cushion) and blue (bedding and wall print). The choice of painting just part of the room is good to brighten up a small bedroom.

You can choose a lighter version of brown like the one above. This is a shade of brown which goes well with antique rose and light blue and ideal for a girl`s bedroom.

I am in love with this brown loft bed by Thomas Durner , an Amsterdam based architect, designer and furniture maker. The “Upndown” loft bed is made of birch multiplex panels covered on the outside with wool felt. A similar finish can be found in our Perludi Amber in the Sky bunk bed.
In this kids bedroom the earthy brown loft bed is combined with the wall teal blue.

Fermliving Katie Scott Animal Wallpaper

Fermliving has embraced the earthy colours trends introducing a range that span from bedding to homewares all in the shades of rust and brown/charcoal. Katie Scott Animal Wallpaper for FermLiving comes in a
lovely dark toffee brown shade – see above. You can also find the color mustard in its House Wall Storage and deep orange in its Tiger Wool Rug. Both colours – deep orange and mustard – are great in combination with rust and brown as it does bring the palette to life.

You can continue the natural, earthy look introducing rattan accessories and toys.

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