Rafa Kids: Agata and Serek Seredyn

How did Rafa-Kids start? What’s its philosophy? Does Rafa-Kids have a specific target public?

We are Agata and Arek, both architects. The world of designing for children opened up to us after the arrival of our two sons, Frank and Robert. We designed the first bed for our older son. After making it we received so many nice reactions and requests that we decided to start a small company. We called it RAFA after first letters of our family members.

Our philosophy is to make playful and high-quality design objects for children. We appeal mostly to urban parents who search for modern, minimalistic design.


Which are the aspects that parents must consider before choosing their kids’ furniture?

I would suggest considering the age of a child and their individual needs. Little artists who love to paint, cat and build will need different room corner than a quiet bookworm who likes to hide in a bed with plenty of pillows. Rafa-kids believes that the furniture should be simple and timeless. We advise playing with accessories which can better express each child’s personality and are easy to change.

How would you define your style? All that we can see on Rafa-Kids (pictures, atmospheres, blog…) is a reflection of your own harmony?

Modern and minimal. In our own home, we try to keep things simple with not much furniture and products. Choose well, less products but  good quality ones, which you will enjoy for many years to go, is our important motto.

Rafa-kids shelf M with K desk

Rafa-Kids is a family business that is growing step by step in a solid way. Although it’s known by its beds, it has included other furniture pieces like the K desk or the new shelves. How do you decide to include a new product and how do you choose it? Do you have any favourite piece?

Our son is sleeping in the bunk bed and he loves to read in bed. Each evening he was throwing his magazines and books on the floor before sleep! There was no place for a night lamp next to the bed. We needed to do something about it. That’s how the small S shelf from our new collection was born. We also learn from our customers’ feedback and requests.

My favourite furniture from Rafa-kids collection is the R toddler bed, Arek likes the most the sophisticated K desk and the kids, of course, love their beds.

Rafa-kids A teen dark

As consumers, we only see the final step: the cute furniture in a picture. But we are sure that there is a lot of work behind these scenes: thinking about the product, designing the plans, looking for providers, quality control, logistics, which is the part you enjoy the most? And the hardest one?

Oh yes, it is a lot of hard work behind the Rafa-kids success, also to make these beautiful pictures is not that easy as it looks.

It is very exciting for us, to discover the process, from the first ideas to the final delivery to our customers’ houses. We learned so much in the last 4 years! The production process was always the hardest part also the logistics since we deliver worldwide. Personally, I love to see the prototypes of the new furniture. Designing is of course also a great part, but the final effect, just before making pictures and showing it to the public, is my favourite.

The most emotional part is receiving pictures and e-mails from our customers and hearing all the stories of parents and children loving our furniture.

F bunk bed whitewash overview

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