5 Essentials for Every Bedside Table To Keep Next to Your Bed

As a busy mum of two boys, going to bed is one of the best part of my day. A time, just for me, to relax and enjoy a good book or catching up on what happened in the world. My personal must-have for going to bed are a spritz of Pillow Mist by Neom Organics and a hot water bottle (!) but talking about interiors, here`s what you should have:

1) Bedside Storage

A bedside table with storage is essential to keep all you need, whether is your skin-care products or books.

Check out:
Shorty Metal Locker
Depending on your style, the shorty metal locker comes in minimal white as well as bright colours – ideal for a teenager`s bedroom.

Plant Box has been used as bedside table | storage by the inspiring Cass Chung. see below

Plant Box in Grey and Mirage Blanket in Cass Chung @casschung

2) Light

There’s nothing worse than getting in bed feeling settled then having to jump up to turn the main light off. A bedside lamp can add a touch of atmosphere with soft and warm lighting. If you like to read a book in bed, you still need a task | desk light – better if you can set different intensities.
Check out : 
Octagon Light: 4 intensities form soft to task ideal for reading
Vuelta Lamp White: dimmable and eye-catching.

For a wall mounted bedside light have a look at the Arum Wall Light by FermLiving – see below

Arum Wall Lamp available in Black and Cashmere

3) Water Bottle

At night your body dehydrates. Water helps replenish that. As soon as you are awake, drink some water and you will feel better. 
Check out:
Ripple Small Carafe : the lid covers your water during night time, avoiding dust and mosquitos to get inside. The lid turns into the glass.

4) Blanket

I always keep a blanket next to my bed, an extra one in case you get cold at night.

Check out:
Frozen Blanket in organic cotton
Mirage Blanket by FermLiving

5) Art

Books and art are a great addition to any bedside. We like the work of Alexandra Coe whose prints are available in our store. Check as well Poster Club for affordable art.

Nude Seated

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