All White Interiors

All White Interiors Wicker Lampshade HK LIving @bij.manon.thuis/

Inspired by the all white interiors of Manon Ceccucci aka Instagram @bij.manon.thuis , we have selected for you all white things to recreate the natural and cotton soft décor in your home.

If in theory a bleached-out space could feel cold, the visual reality tells a very different story. A milky-hued room is the perfect blank canvas for creating a striking interior that never gets old. One of the key rules when recreating an all-white-interiors is to add different textures. White-washed wood flooring, white bricks, tiles, wool, cotton; when you add these elements the room feel special and alive. 

We like the combination of natural materials and white with the trendy webbing furniture.

all white interiors webbing cabinet
all white interiors webbing cabinet

Webbing Furniture

RIGHT ON TREND: This year has seen a huge surge in the popularity of cane webbing furniture and whether you’re going for that British colonial look or something altogether more modern, the material looks lovely and is easy to work with. So what is cane webbing ?

What is Cane Webbing?
Cane webbing is machine-woven patterned sheets or mesh that look similar to rattan or wicker. It’s generally stretched across a wooden frame to produce items such as chair seats, cabinet doors or even light shades, but it can also be used in a variety of other creative ways. The result is lightweight furniture that is airy and durable

all white interiors white ceramic vase detail image @bij.manon.thuis/

Metal Lockers

2020 saw the surge of Metal Lockers. The upgraded and revisited storage solution has turned into a proper piece of furniture to show off even in your living room

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