5 MUST-HAVE FOR YOUR HALLWAY: Make an entrance!

The Hallway

The hallway is the first room of a house, connected to the rest of the rooms in the home. But it is also the manifestation of the feeling of coming home: The rattling of keys and the instant familiar feeling, letting you know that this is where you belong.  

Returning home, the first room to greet you is the hallway. As you close the door behind you and kick off your shoes, you finally feel at peace.

1) Storage

slim storage solution to hide your keys and wallet as soon as you come in. The Plant Box gives you the opportunity as well to place a plant inside or – with the optional tray – you can position your aroma diffuser or a small light
Check out : 
Plant Box
Two-Tier Plant Box

2) Mirror

Mirror are a great way to give a sense of space to not-so-wide hallways. It`s practical as well to check your final outfit and hair, before hitting the road!  
Check out:
Pond Mirror
Adorn Mirror

3) Runner Rug

By the simple introduction of a runner, you can add a bright and cosy feel to hallway instantly. Whether you want to lengthen the space or add more interest to your interior, a runner works to unify your home.
Check out:
Way Runner
Kelim Merge Runner

Kelim Merge Runner

4) Small Light

Entrance hall lighting is very important. Depending on the space, there is a variety of options. There is the obvious ceiling light that lights up the entrance and illuminates the area directly below. What we like at MOHO is small lights to keep on for a warm welcoming feeling
Check out:
Vuelta Light
Smart Book Light

5) Plants!

Nature is nurturing and having a plant nearby is comforting and beautiful. Plants have many properties from healing to air purifying, they cannot be missed. Have a look at “Plants perfect for a hallway”

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