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Life is full of contrasts. As we navigate expectations and dreams in the search for meaning and comfort, we long for a balanced life with room for chaos and calm, moments of reflection and times of joy. A place where we can be ourselves, realise the true value of things, and feel at home. Based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality, we challenge ourselves to shape the future and take pride in creating products that help you balance the contrasts of life.

FermLiving`s soft forms, rich textures and deep colours allow you to create an authentic and composed atmosphere. While avant-garde shapes, striking patterns and curious details add a touch of the unexpected. From FermLiving`s base in Copenhagen, to the work of artisans around the world; fusing the Scandinavian mindset with global skills and traditions. FermLiving takes our responsibility to people and the planet seriously, and expect the same of our partners. FermLiving creates collections of furniture, accessories and lighting, so you can create space to feel comfortably you.

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Ferm Living is a Copenhagen based design studio founded by Trine Andersen on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality.


Interview : Trine Andersen, founder of Ferm Living
Ferm Living founder

Based in Copenhagen, danish creator Trine Andersen continues to imagine a selection of objects, accessories and Scandinavian pieces of furniture for her brand. She told us about her creative journey. 

This season, you celebrate the 10 years anniversary of Ferm Living. What outcomes and conclusions do you make from this successful 10 years?

Trine Andersen: Well, to come from 10 wallpaper designs, when I started the company 10 years ago, to now having a broad collection of about 800 different interior designs, is really something. And it is also a little hard to comprehend, when you look at it like that. It has of course been an incredible amount of work, but it has also been a lot of fun. Of course the design and the products are the foundation. But there is so much else that goes into a business. Honestly, if I’d known all the parts that went into running a business before I started doing it, I may have given it a second thought. But of course, I’m so glad I went ahead!

How did your collections progressed and evolved during the years?

Trine Andersen: Actually Ferm Living started out with 10 wallpaper designs back in 2006. The Kids collection wasn’t added until 2008. Gradually we have added more and more design objects for the entire home during the years. But you can say that it was appropriate that we began with wallpaper. That`s allowed us to enter into the many rooms of design with ease. From living room to kitchen to office, we delight in creating an aesthetic universe that is deliberate yet understated.

Ferm Living’s creations use lots of graphic patterns and pastel colours. How would you describe the Ferm Living’ spirit?

Trine Andersen: Ferm Living is about sincere passion for craftsmanship and aesthetics in everyday life. While also enjoying the benefit of functional design made with a graphic designer’s eye and a Danish sensibility. I have a background as a graphic designer. And you can see that in our products, where we draw on Scandinavian design traditions. But added a distinctive graphic edge that makes every item firmly contemporary. Our passion is to bring you the best in furniture and design products through innovative silhouettes, rooted in traditional production methods. Whether you’re looking to build your living room, kitchen, office, bedroom or kid’s room.