Dinkum Dolls: Make your own Dinkum Doll High Chair

Repurpose your Dinkum Doll Box and create a Dinkum Doll High Chair for your kids! With a little help from our friend Kathryn Ho of @cardboardfolk, your mini mamas and papas will be ready for mealtime in just 10 steps.

Repurpose your Dinkum Doll Box and create a Dinkum Doll High Chair for your kids! With a little help from Kathryn Ho of @cardboardfolk, your mini mamas and papas will be ready for mealtime in just 10 steps.  

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Dinkum Doll
Dinkum Doll

Dinkum Dolls by Olli Ella are all cotton dolls suitable for toddlers and children. These vintage inspired dolls will be your little one’s new best friend! Dress them, cuddle them, style their hair. Made to be loved and cared for. Roo. Sprout. Poppet. Pumpkin. Styles: Sprout, Poppet, Pumpkin, Roo.

Peanut is our first Dinkum Doll and she is perfect! I love how versatile she is. Her arms and legs and head move and she is able to stand on her own if positioned correctly but yet is still soft and cuddly. I also really like the fact that you get to decide what gender the doll is” Nicole H.

About Olli Ella

The brand Olli Ella was founded in 2009 in London by sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman. The brand makes charming children’s décor products and accessories inspired by the sisters’ nomadic childhoods spent travelling and their now spirited broods. Today Chloe lives in Byron Bay and Olivia splits her time between London and LA. The pair regularly mine Australian and Californian coastal life for further inspiration. With a focus on ethical production and natural, sustainably-sourced materials, the brand is best known for their Dinkum Dolls and delightful children’s baskets. From rattan picnic baskets and wheeled numbers to adorable faux-leather suitcases that look straight out of a Wes Anderson flick, Olli Ella and their beautiful collection of kids’ accessories will have you swooning!