Mina Panic

Mina Panic is the founder and owner of IO Kids Design, a British children’s furniture company that specialises in stylish, high quality, multi-functioning pieces – from versatile bunk pods with a handy integrated workstation to a portable seat with generous storage.

A mum herself, Mina’s design ethos is for IO Kids products to be versatile, practical and adaptable to the child’s ever-changing needs. Furniture is made from laminated Scandinavian plywood and is built to stand the test time, with the view of being modified rather than replaced as the kids grow up. 

IO Bunk Bed in Natural

What does good design mean to you?

Good design is not only about the way things look but also very much about how things work or function, the use of materials and interesting ways of using them also plays a role in this. If the design is well considered and can be easily used then this will ensure that the end product will hopefully be around and in use for a long time. Innovation is another important element. Good design should excite and delight.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The creative aspect of the job is the best part, especially the early stages when a lot of research is done. My day is never the same especially when working on something new – every stage is interesting and creative. One of the most rewarding aspects is seeing any of the new pieces for the first time, when the all the hard work on the design comes to fruition.

As Seen on LivingEtc, VogueBambini, MarieClaire Enfants. IO Bunk Podavailable in White and Yellow, An all-in-one space saving place for children to sleep, store and study!

IO Doodle Box: A multifunctional trolley that can generously house a multitude of art and craft materials with its practical removable tray.

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