Bar Stools: Seating High Chairs for Your Kitchen Island

Whether you’re shopping for your home or business, a set of barc chairs can be a stylish and functional addition to a room. Perfect for kitchens islands, bar corners indoor and outdoor, restaurants and of course, bars. Bar stools come in a range of colours, materials and heights. With so much choice out there, we’ve put together the ultimate buying guide to barstools to help you find your perfect stool.

Barstools and Counter stools: which bar height?

Whilst it may seem that the answer is in the name, people often get barstools and counter stools mixed up. The difference here is height. A counter stool is the perfect height for a kitchen counter or breakfast bar, whereas a barstool is for higher tables and bars usually found in restaurants.

Which stool measures up?

  • Counter stools have a seat height of between 58cm-74cm and are best suited for counter tops measuring between 84-92cm from floor to counter top
  • Bar stools have a seat height of  between 74-82cm and are best suited for bar tops measuring 104-109cm from floor to bar 

You will need to leave 10″ – 25cm approx. from seating height to base of your top

Making sure you know which style is right for your needs is the first step in buying your perfect stool.

Legroom Space

Legroom is the space between your legs when seated and the underside of the kitchen top. You should aim to have 23-28cm for legroom to allow you to easily cross and move your legs without feeling trapped.  

Distance Between Stools

Another important factor to consider is how many barstools will comfortably fit around your kitchen island.  The average seat width is about 42cm, but if your stool has armrests then it could actually measure around 55cm in width. 

You should try to leave 15cm space between each stool.  This allows room to turn, eat and drink comfortably at the kitchen island, bar or counter.

herman bar chair fermliving
Herman Barstool by Ferm Living

It’s all about the details

What we love about barstools is that there are so many styles to choose from, meaning they can be a really gorgeous feature in your home. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourite options here at MOHO Store.

Barstools with backrests

A barstool with a backrest can provide extra support and comfort. This type of barstool comes in all kinds of fabrics, colours and styles. A padded backrest offers a luxurious feel but it will be delicate to keep clean, especially when you have kids. Whilst a wooden backrest keeps things simple and classic.

Alfi Barstool High Backrest, £440

Styling tip! If you have limited space in your kitchen consider going for a backless option.  This will give an appearance of space and can neatly tucked under the counter when not in use.  A stool with a large backrest and possibly arms would need more space.

Colourful barstools

Bar and counter stools can be a great way to add a pop of colour to a room. Make a statement with a bright yellow, (our best seller!) or mix it up with the grey version. Colour blocking is super chic and never goes out of style.

Materials Matter

Wooden barstools are perfect for a more traditional feel. Hard wearing, this type of stool also look really stylish, especially when you have an open plan kitchen.

At MOHO we have a fantastic range of barstools made from recycled plastic. The Broom Barstools and Counter Stools by Philippe Starck for Emeco are made from an innnovative material made of 75% waste polypropylene and 15% reclaimed wood. This material is very practical and easy to clean, perfect for busy kitchens and family life. 

Shop barstools at MOHO Store

We’ve got a fabulous collection of counter and barstools, from trendy, colourful stools to classic wooden ones. Whether you’re looking for a statement barstool or a more discreet counter stool that can be stored away, our range has something to suit any house or commercial space. MOHO Store are specialists in high-quality designer barstools. 

If you require any advice, information or just want a second opinion, feel free to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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