A few words from MOHO`s founder Alessia

I have always been passionate by furniture design growing up with a mother obsessed by antiques. In 2008 I quit my profession in the fashion industry to pursue my first love – interior design. My interest in natural materials came from my specific involvement in organic apparel. I wanted to explore and inject the “organic” concept into everyday objects and furnishing. I soon realised the general image of eco-friendly was staid, utilitarian and hippy. I knew there were out there great sustainable products that could well fit in any modern and contemporary home without shame. My search brought me to meet and collaborate with forward thinking designers and companies around the world and to write articles on sustainable design for inhabitat.com , reporting from European fairs like Stockholm Furniture Fair and Milan Design Week.

MOHO is my third baby (I have two sons). A little world where I showcase my favourite brands and products. I still remain a central, hands-on force within MOHO’s operations, so you are welcome to get in touch with me for advise!

Thank you.